Eyesight is a precious and marvellous thing and when something occurs that affects your ability to see it can be very upsetting. In my case, worsening cataracts were having a real effect on my life and although I recognised that corrective surgery was necessary I had understandable concerns about putting my future eyesight into someone’s hands. I need not have worried – Mr Shah’s Ophthalmic practice was perfect for me. Read More…

I had the reassurance of knowing that every aspect of the procedure was going to be attended to by Mr Shah personally – right from the initial consultation through to the actual lens implantations and the final consultations. I was also delighted to find that Mr Shah took great pains to explain all aspects of the procedure in a clear, professional and yet friendly way.

The other members of the team supported Mr Shah wonderfully – Lu, the efficient and welcoming practise secretary, made the necessary reservations for the procedures, kept me informed of dates and sent me reminders, and Lyn, the thoughtful and reassuring practise nurse, established the strengths of the necessary lens implants to perfection! Other major “pluses” for me were the speed at which things moved along – long delays would only increase concerns, and the fact that as the practice is local, I could have been seen by Mr Shah with next to no delay had I needed to.

Now, after the surgery, I am seeing colours that I forgot existed – and am seeing objects more clearly and sharply than I ever have before! For the first time in 60 years I no longer need to wear glasses other than for reading. I am delighted with the results and I am very glad to have put my faith in this wonderfully effective and friendly local practice.

Mr William Barker, St Saviour, Jersey – 09 Feb 2016