Earlier this year I was referred to Mr Anish Shah by my long-term Optician in relation to cataracts
which she felt could be ready for removal. On meeting Mr Shah, he reviewed my situation and confirmed that my eyesight should benefit greatly from their removal. Consequently, appointments were made and they were removed in two stages. My right eye was operated on first and I can honestly say it was a virtually painless experience. When the time came, some days later, to remove the patch and open my eye I was uncertain what to expect but when I did it the word that came to mind was “miracle!”. Everything was so bright and clear in comparison to my other eye, so much so that I was advised to wear sunglasses for a few days. Some short time later, the other eye was operated on with the same amazing results. Thank you so much Mr Shah for your professional care and advice in relation to the foregoing.

Mr John Wright, April 2023