A few years ago,  silicone oil was placed in my eye to correct a retinal tear. I have often experienced degenerating sight and discomfort in my eye. I continued with regular optometrist appointments and life carried on as usual. Then I met vacationers from Jersey, Channel Islands.
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My new friends highly recommended a specialist in Jersey, who had treated a friend of theirs with exceptional results. It was decided that I would travel to Jersey to meet with the specialist in question, Dr. Shah.

Two planes and 12 hours of travel later, I arrived in Jersey apprehensive about my appointment. The apprehension dissolved immediately upon meeting Dr Shah, who was thoroughly informative about my condition and advised me about further procedures that his practice could provide. His professionalism, charisma, expertise and genuine warmth pacified my anxiety and uncertainties that have plagued me for years since the retinal tear. He let me know that future surgery could be required, however it may not be entirely necessary, and he did not pressure me to take any immediate decisions. I left his office feeling tremendously well advised and able to make further informed decisions about my condition. This new confidence and general positivity towards the future of my eye is entirely owed to Dr Shah and his impeccable and most genuine service.

Ms Caron P Burton, Antigua & Barbuda, Eastern Carribbean – 18 Oct 2015