I, probably as many others have done, was putting off the the day that I was dreading – when I was going to have to have cataracts removed. Eventually I plucked up the courage and my GP here in Jersey referred me to Mr Shah, promising that “he would look after me”. By the first consultation I was still nervous but was gradually put at ease by the professionalism of Mr Shah and his nurse at Little Grove. The first operation was carried out at The Gwyneth Huelin Wing at the Jersey General Hospital and I couldn’t have been more impressed by Mr Shah and his team who carried out the procedure.

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I had been told to expect it would take a few weeks for my sight to recover and improve, so was very pleased to find that my sight in that eye had greatly improved the morning after the first operation. Today I have been given the All Clear by my consultant, which means that the whole treatment of both eyes has been completed in only 26 days. How glad I was not to have to trail to and from the UK for each operation with all that entails. Indeed I don’t know why I would have done so when we have such an impressive team right here in Jersey. My heartfelt thanks to them all.

Mrs Coralie Jowett, Jersey, 15 Aug 2017