Before my cataract surgery I couldn’t even read the subtitles on the TV. I was very nervous about the operation but looking back there wasn’t any need for worrying. The surgery went very well without any complications and I must compliment my surgeon Mr Shah as he has been absolutely brilliant. He is the most caring, patient and wonderful surgeon but also very professional. He makes you feel at ease at all times!
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His team make you feel comfortable and relaxed, and there is a nice warm atmosphere between all of them. I still can’t believe I have 20/20 vision now at this time of my life, and honestly it feels a bit like a miracle! I’m 93 years old and can see as well as when I was a youngster. It’s just fantastic – it’s like going from an old to a young man. My quality of life has greatly improved!

Mr Benny Black, St Brelade, Jersey – 27 Feb 2016