Epimacular brachytherapy (X-rays) for wet macular degeneration

This novel treatment was designed for wet macular degeneration, and involves vitrectomy surgery combined with a device which shines radiation on the macula, in order to try to reduce the frequency of injections required. However after 12 months of treatment, it was not found to be effective, and in fact visual outcomes were worse when… Read More

Zonular Dehiscence After Ocriplasmin Injection

This report discusses two patients who developed unstable lens implants after they had received ocriplasmin injections. It seems likely that the ocriplasmin had partially digested the eyes’ zonule structure. I still have serious safety concerns about this medicine and I do not currently offer it to my patients. http://archopht.jamanetwork.com/Mobile/article.aspx?articleID=2319371

Visual Improvement After Ocriplasmin for Vitreomacular Adhesion

This report from the largest studies on ocriplasmin discusses patient reported visual function after ocriplasmin injection. The conclusion is that more patients receiving ocriplasmin than placebo experienced meaningful improvement in visual function. But these proportions were 36% and 27% respectively – that’s a difference of just 9%. My first reaction to this is that a… Read More