Routine OCT scanning prior to cataract surgery

Here is an interesting write-up of a study from Israel that was presented at this year’s American Academy annual meeting. Of the 226 patients (mean age 73 years) referred, 40% of the OCT scans were classified as abnormal, with macular degeneration, epiretinal membrane, and vitreomacular traction all represented. Apparently, some 18 of these eyes had cystoid macular oedema, presumably relating to either diabetic eye disease or retinal vein occlusion. The article states that over half of these abnormalities were not spotted by the referrers. Until a full paper is available however, I cannot tell who exactly the referrers were and therefore how these findings might relate to UK practice.

There is certainly a lot to be said for routine OCT scanning in cataract work-up, although in time it may make ophthalmologists lazier at detailed ophthalmoscopic assessment of the macula!

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