Encouraging results for new slow-release bimatoprost implant for glaucoma

Most patients with glaucoma have to instil eye drops every day. For many patients, it’s a hassle to remember to put them in, and we know that many patients don’t like the side-effects and/or sometimes forget to put them in.

Bimatoprost is one of the eye drops often used daily to lower eye pressure. A new implant of bimatoprost is now being studied for its efficacy and safety. Bimatoprost SR appears in these early clinical trials to be as good as eye drops at reducing eye pressure, and safe and well-tolerated as well. The majority of patients who received the implant did not require any drops to additionally lower eye pressure for up to 6 months after the implant was performed:


This is very exciting news for patients and ophthalmologists alike as, if further clinical trials confirm efficacy and safety and the product is subsequently brought to the market, it will hopefully offer a drop-free existence for many more patients with glaucoma.